GIULIA DE GIOIA | Professional Italian Translator and Interpreter


Need to translate a text from English or German into Italian?

I translate documents, essays, articles, press releases and many other kinds of content into Italian. My clients benefit from my professionalism and receive translations that are perfectly crafted for their purpose, delivered on time and at prices suited to their needs.


As an interpreter, I accompany you to meetings, negotiations and conferences. I have also been an interpreter at EATA (European Association for Transactional Analysis) examination centres since 2013.

What do I do?

First, I carefully study the issues and the documentation relating to your needs. Then I perform your translation employing different techniques appropriate to your specific purposes.


Every client is unique.

I am dedicated to ensuring quality products and services, to listening to each client’s specific needs and placing my expertise, time and experience at their disposal. I am a dependable and punctual professional, who keeps constantly up-to-date on the world of translation and interpreting.



I provide translation of texts of various kinds, based on my experience and my studies. For a free quote, simply send me the texts that you need translated.

Editorial translations in various fields (including essays and articles in psychology and Transactional Analysis, fashion, texts for web and e-commerce and sports)

Technical translations (DIY, gardening and household appliances)


As an interpreter, I accompany you to meetings, negotiations and conferences. Based on your needs, I use interpreting techniques such as:

– Whispered (chuchotage)

– Consecutive

– Liaison interpreting

What’s the difference?

Interpreting in Transactional Analysis

Since 2013 I have been an interpreter in the field of Transactional Analysis at conferences, Learning Conversations and exams.

Are you a candidate or an examiner in CTA or TEW and need an interpreter? Write me for a quote or send me the documents that you are presenting. I will study them carefully in order to do the best job possible for you.


Editing and revision of translated or monolingual texts;

Proofreading and rereading texts;

Writing (including: press releases, texts for the web, presentations etc.)


Transcription services, adapting texts and subtitling

– Monolingual transcription from recordings or translated transcriptions of interviews, conferences, films, documentaries etc.

– Creating subtitles


Solutions for communication with partners and foreign customers:

– Composition and correction of texts and e-mail correspondence with foreign partners and clients;

– Telephone communications and video conferencing

'In translating an essay for my publishing house, Giulia has shown great ability and punctuality. Her contributions were interesting and precious for the book I published.'

Paolo Parenti
'Giulia interpreted for me in an international meeting. She is a reliable and competent professional. I would definitely recommend her: her expertise has been a great help!'

Aldo Tarabella
Director and Composer at Opera Bazar


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About me

After graduating from the Bologna University’s School of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Interpreting and Translation, I started working as a translator, editor and interpreter in various fields and contexts. I worked as translator of adaptations for subtitles for feature films and short films, translations of articles and essays, promotional materials, corporate business plans, product sheets, translation and proofreading of scripts for the web, and translation of correspondence for individuals and businesses. I have worked as an in-house translator in multinational corporations and I have also worked on editing texts and articles for the web and marketing. I have worked as an interpreter for meetings, trade fairs, EU projects and trade negotiations. I have been an interpreter at EATA (European Association for Transactional Analysis) examination centres since 2013.